Black Hill, Dartmoor

About Me

I am a ceramic artist living and working on Dartmoor. After a previous career in healthcare I have been transforming my hobby of ceramics into a developing career. Having attended evening classes in ceramics for several years my passion was triggered by a winter course at Powdermills Pottery where Joss Hibbs worked from a caravan with no running water or heating. I converted a shed into a space to put my new wheel and now have just finished building my own studio!

My work is influenced by my surroundings: the landscape of Dartmoor, the ancient woodlands, and the ever-changing weather. I am always happy with clay in my hands, whether experimenting with hand-built pieces, or having fun throwing on the wheel. Texture is very important to me, and I often incorporate found objects in my process in order to create interesting organic textures on both stoneware and porcelain clay. My love of painting and printing leads me to experiment with the surface using slips and oxides. I am intrigued by the chemistry of glazes and enjoy developing and making my own.